Eggs Table Tray, 30 nos Pouch

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Eggs are used for a variety of dishes and purposes. An egg is a preferred form of breakfast. One can pick up a tray of eggs collected from the best farm yards to start the day with a healthy ingredient.

An egg is made up of various nutrients, minerals and vitamins. From vitamins like A, B2, B12, D, E, K and even B6, to other minerals like calcium, protein, zinc, selenium and phosphorous an egg can give you a health kick in no time at all! It is also rich in folate which makes it the ideal ingredient to add to your childs breakfast for growth and development.

An egg can be made in various ways - from the tried and tested dishes like Omelettes, poached eggs and single fry with the sunny side up, to Indian recipes like egg bhurji. It is also added to numerous desserts.